Introducing Luna La Mel

I’m soo so excited to share this new chapter with you! I was going to wait to publish next week, but why wait, right? Let’s just do this!! I officially have a new blog home that’s dedicated solely to blogging!

An intimate little place where I can share my thoughts and dreams, document real-life moments, jot down random thoughts from the day, personal creative work and doodles, hand lettering, poems from my journal, sketches from my sketchbook, muses, photographs, travelogues, inspirational mood boards and collages.. you get the picture.

A cozy little place to dream, create, and share.

A place where I can freely and creatively be, well, me! And a place where you can be you! Yes, you!! I want to invite you to my cozy little onabode (online + abode, clever?).

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The truth is, these are things that I’m sure I could have done on my blog here, but ya know, we creatives are quirky little creatures. Our minds work in such mysterious ways, and for some reason, my mind has reserved this space for sharing exciting client projects and my creative services, but blocking me from sharing too much outside of that.

Like how I am overcoming perfectionism through creativity, behind the scenes of my creative process, and just overall more things to do with my real life. Real life, that’s a funny way to word it. Not that everything I do here isn’t real, because it is. But I mean more of a glimpse into my life “offline”. The good and the not so good. The real.

I’ve been a deep thinker for as long as I can remember. I am constantly thinking about the universe, how precious earth is, how beautiful the flowers are, and fascinated with the moon.

Like you, I have so many thoughts and questions, like..

Where did we come from?

How did we get here?

Why are we here?

And what’s next?

Thoughts on purpose, passion, and love.

And currently, I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that we’re all, actually, made of stardust, and blown away that it would take billions of years to traverse the entire length of the Milky Way..

Even at 10 miles per second.

Wait… What?

That said, I want to share more of my creative journey with you. Thoughts and discoveries. Even if it’s through an abstract medium, such as a simple sentence, a photograph, a painting, or a poem. And that’s where Luna La Mel comes in : )

Luna La Mel is an intimate lifestyle blog. Born from a combination of my fascination with the moon and, yep you guessed it, my name. If you’d like to receive future posts from my new blog, all you need to do is click HERE and enter your email address to subscribe, and you’ll be all set to receive future posts straight to your inbox!

As far as my old blog, I will continue to post about current happenings such as exciting brand projects and other updates. But if you’re interested in more of my personal work/creativity, hand lettering, freebies, giveaways, behind the scenes of our creative studio, Ardent Fifth, where my husband and I get down and dirty (creatively, of course) making ceramics, candles, and other pieces of art, well, Luna La Mel is the place to be!

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