Let’s get to know each other!

Hello fellow creatives and entrepreneurs! I would love to utilize this post to introduce myself, and to learn more about you! I’m Mel Volkman. St. Augustine-based Designer, Photographer, and Artist. I’m passionate about quality design and focus on growing businesses by crafting thoughtful and authentic brands through logo design, print, and web for passionate creatives and entrepreneurs. I’m mama to a creative 6-year-old, Ava + wife to my best friend. Mark and I are grateful to be expecting our second in February!

Although I originally built my business as a Photographer shooting Fashion & Beauty, I’ve spent more time designing and coding through the years. I feel so grateful to have started a business that allows me to stay home with my little girl and work with wonderful people from all over the world, helping them feel more confident in pursuing their dreams and accomplishing their business goals! These days when I pick up a camera, it’s to photograph products for a client, the world around me (landscapes), creative & edgy conceptual imagery, or to document the beauty of real moments.

I believe in good coffee, kindness, collaboration, and encouragement, and I’m my happiest when creating, helping people, and traveling.

True story – A few years ago we left the east coast to set off on an adventure to California. We lived in Northern and Southern California for a few years until one day I decided I just wasn’t happy there. No thunderstorms? Cold water? Traffic? It’s a beautiful place to visit, but as much as I wanted it to be, it just wasn’t for me! We picked a random place we’d never been to, bought our first home, took with us what we could fit in our car, sold the rest, and headed back East – to St. Augustine. Although we have to travel up north to get my Autumn fix (which I don’t mind considering my love for Chicago and NYC), we are so happy to call this beautiful, magical place our home!

Mel Volkman St. Augustine Design

(A crazy thunderstorm passing through New Mexico and the car packed full inside and out, haha)

When I’m not working on a client project or planning new content for my brand, you can find me squeezing the absolute most out of life with my husband, our children, and two pups, redecorating our home, or exploring and photographing this beautiful and mysterious world.

Ok, that’s more than enough about me.. I’d love to know more about you! Where are you from, what do you do, what makes you happy?

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