Letters to Santa

Here’s to the most beautiful Holiday season yet.. Celebrating Em’s first Christmas and amazed at how quickly Ava is growing up.. It feels like we only just celebrated her first Christmas!

Merry Christmas Hand Lettering Star & Snowflake Illustration Brush Lettering by Mel Volkman

We spent Christmas Eve sipping on our favorite champagne, baking raspberry almond thumbprint cookies, dancing around to Christmas music (ok we’ve been doing that for a month now), and writing Letters To Santa, which was our most favorite part! Definitely a keeper..

You begin with reading the “Letters to Santa” book, which is full of enchanting Christmas illustrations, and then they’ll write their Christmas list or letter to Santa (or Christmas doodles if they’re really young) on Santa’s Special Paper (which is about 8×10). Once the letter is complete, you’ll put it in the oven with Mrs. Claus’ Magic Press on top and about 3-5 minutes later, the full-sized letter will transform into an itty bitty (about 2×4) elf-sized message that can be delivered straight to the North Pole by their Scout Elf! You can then put a sash on it and hang it as an ornament keepsake.

Normally the first thing Ava does on Christmas morning is run out to check if Santa ate his cookies (and to be sure the reindeer ate their apples), but this year the first thing that she checked was to see if the elf returned her letter. When she saw it hanging on the tree, her face lit up.. Every bit worth it! If you have children, I definitely recommend checking this out next Christmas. Ava absolutely loved it, so we’ll be keeping this one around as a Chrismas tradition!!

How was your Christmas? Is there something you do each Christmas as a family tradition, or did you try anything new this year? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about it!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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