New adventures!

Wowzas!! I have been so, so busy (huge understatement). We’ve finally settled in this move from Los Angeles into our new home here in Florida, and so far we really like it!! I like it not taking 4 hours to get two exits up, so that’s always nice.. And while I do miss the mountain-esque scenery in California, I’ve decided that white sand, warm ocean, and afternoon thunderstorms excite me much more! Thunderstorms are mandatory, ya’ll!


So a few of you have been asking if I will be returning to California to shoot. The answer is.. Yes! I actually plan to spend some time shooting between Miami, LA, and of course, NYC.

California was definitely an interesting journey, and I know that I was meant to be there as I left with an abundance of experience, knowledge, and truths that I wouldn’t have otherwise acquired, and I’m so thankful for that! It’s so important to follow your heart, trust your own intuition, and to make what you think may be difficult decisions if you feel it’s going to lead you in the right direction. And so far, my intuition hasn’t let me down.

I’m thankful for every mistake I’ve made, every lesson learned, every truth I’ve faced, and each and every person and experience in between.. Because I’m always exactly where I’m meant to be.

Here’s to new adventures and new collaborations!

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