New Brand & Website is live!

Well, it’s official. My new brand and website is live, and let me just say.. I cannot get enough of it!! There’s just no comparison to the feeling of having a brand and website that is so perfectly YOU! But damn, it is so hard to design for yourself.. Designers, I know you hear me on this!

I love how my brand has evolved over the years. It breathes so much life! In designing my own personal brand I have found that sometimes, less is more. There is nothing ickier than a fussy, cluttered brand that is designed without true intention. From my modern MV brand mark, brush lettered signature, the touches of moody botanicals, and pop of soft solitude blue – it all represents my style and personality to a T.

Mel Volkman Modern Business Card Design Black on Black

Mel Volkman Signature Lettering Brush Lettering Hand Lettering Signature Style Design

Mel Volkman Studio

Over the next week you will find some updates to my Portfolio as well as my Collections. I also made some changes to my blog to focus not only on design and photography, but to expand into other categories such as home, style, diy, etc.

I’m so happy that I can relate to my clients when they write me in tears (the happy kind) because they’re so in love with their brand and website. When your brand is 100% right for you, you will just know it, and loving your brand has got to be one of the most satisfying feelings ever. It’s amazing that I get to wake up each day and contribute that same feeling to each client I work with, through each brand and website I craft. Thank you all for your support in my business through the years, and I hope you like the new look as much as I do!


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