November In A Nutshell

Hi friends, I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s my November in a nutshell..

Work, work, work! Embracing my love for Black and White Photographs. Binge watched all of the Harry Potter’s. Completely changed up my skincare regimen and found a system that is working miracles on my skin (will do a separate post for this soon)! Explored and found a deep appreciation for this beautiful, charming city; St. Augustine. Lots and lots of pictures of our new addition, Pumpkin! Practicing Watercolor (Lettering and Floral). First month not being able to swim in our new pool (which in return means lots of looking at it like a sad puppy, haha!). Missing the smell of Autumn and the changing leaves, but thankful that it at least gets chilly here in late November, December, and January. Lots of exciting “firsts” of being a homeowner.. Like the first time having family over to our home for Thanksgiving, and picking out a tree for our first Christmas in our new home!

All in all, it’s been a pretty good month around here. Not much to complain about

How was your November?

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