October Refresh

You guys!! I can’t believe that Halloween is just around the corner! Fall has always been my favorite season, with Halloween being my most favorite Holiday for as long as I can remember.. But I don’t remember it ever coming so quick!! It truly feels like just yesterday we were taking our little sugar skull trick-or-treating, and to think, I was 5 months pregnant!! Here we are, trying to decide what Ava will be for Halloween, and a cute costume idea for Em (who is going to be 9 months!!).

We planned a little road trip up north (to the mountains) the week before Halloween, so I am feeling all of those feel-good vibes right now. Growing up, up north, my favorite thing every year was going to the fall festival and picking out a pumpkin, so of course, we’re going to find the very best pumpkin patch and festival for the girls. Lately, I’ve been feeling really nostalgic for all of those northern feels. I do love Florida and all of its Palms, but I am definitely missing my seasons right now : )

PS. I made a few changes to my brand and site. You know, I get in the mood to refresh my site around this time every year, so I really should’ve just waited the last time, as I knew this day would come! Haha.. It’s something I’ve been working on (in the very little bit of free time that I do have), for about a month now, so I am so excited to finally get to share this with you guys today!

Mel Volkman Modern Custom Brand Mark Icon Modern Logo Design Modern Type Beautiful Branding Moon Brand Icon Custom Logo DesignMel Volkman Brand Style Guide Modern Logo Design Beautiful Branding Modern Brand Icon Brand Board Custom Logo Design

Every time I do a refresh, I feel that it becomes more and more of who I am. Me. My style. Even if it’s just tiny details (such as my crescent moon icon). As a designer, it can be incredibly hard to design for yourself.. But where my brand and site are today, couldn’t be any more perfect! I further customized the type for my primary logo (the MV), evolving it without completely changing the identity of it + crafted this beautiful crescent moon visual for my brand mark (which you’ll also find in the mobile menu and footer).

Mel Volkman Modern Custom Brand Mark Icon Modern Logo Design Modern Type Beautiful Branding Moon Brand Icon Custom Logo Design

I did end up removing some of the pops of blue from my previous site design (the buttons), and kept only a tiny bit of blue (which you’ll briefly see within my service pages). I had the slightest inclination when I added in the pops of blue a few months ago that it probably wouldn’t last too long. For as long as I can remember, I’ve tried to incorporate a small touch of color into my own personal palette, even in my own personal style, but I always go back to black and white (and cream)! Always.

That said, you can expect some major (and crazy beautiful) updates to my portfolio as well through the coming weeks + I still have so much more to share through the coming months (hint: think shop + some other surprises), so I’ll continue to update as it’s rolled out : )

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the refresh!!

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