Shop Mel Volkman is an artisan studio focused on crafting beautiful, functional pieces to accompany you in your space. From small batch ceramics, organic candles, original paintings, and limited edition prints.

Hi, I’m Mel. Artist, Designer, & Photographer. I’m on the pursuit of designing a life that I love through intentional living, conscious consideration, and handcrafting beautiful art. I live for magical little moments that evoke nostalgia, all things Autumn, & spur of the moment road trips.

I believe in the art of curation and that our immediate atmosphere can influence our state of mind by either descending or uplifting our spirit. Thus, being especially selective of the objects that we choose to accompany us is essential. I embrace imperfections —  the signature of handmade. With so many factory machine-made items on the market today, there is something so magical about a perfectly imperfect handmade piece of art!

With a commitment to craftsmanship, no two pieces are alike as each piece is individually handcrafted in my St. Augustine studio. My ceramic process involves designing, throwing, hand glazing, and firing in the studio, resulting in well-built ceramics with traces of beautiful imperfection. 


I am humbled and excited to be sharing my work within private and public spaces around the world. I can't thank you enough for making the conscious decision to support a small, ethical business and choosing my art to accompany you in your space - it truly means the world to me!


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