Thank you for your interest in carrying my products! I carefully select stockists that closely align with my aesthetic and values. Please get in touch to fill out the wholesale application + create an account. If your wholesale application is approved, I'll tag your account as wholesale for future online orders. 

With an approved account, my work may be sold on your direct store website, however, no third party sites are allowed (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc). Violations of this policy may cause you to lose your wholesale account. 

Please note, in appreciation and dedication to my retailers, it's my brand policy that I only sell to a limited number of stores per zip code, dependent on the size of the city. If a current vendor does not re-order within six months, I will notify interested parties, opening the opportunity to partner with me. Thanks for your understanding!

Gallery owners, please send an email to discuss your gallery and ideas.  

© Copyright Mel Volkman. Artwork may not be reproduced for profit in any way without the express written permission of Mel Volkman. Any reproduction or use of the artwork without permission will be infringing copyright. Mel Volkman retains all rights to all artwork created.